Aries: The Emperor (March 21-April 19)

Who you were just a few years ago might not recognize who you are now, were you to meet yourself along the lines of time.

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What has shifted? Karmically speaking, everything.

The awakening requires much of those who are committed to rising with the times. Hold no fear as ancient mysteries reveal their secrets. That time is just ahead. Knowing that, push on. You are special, there is no doubt. You are surrounded by special people, once you consider it. Your own power and your own journey are the point of consideration now, however. Is it a burden or a gift?

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Are you the bearer of the makings of a new world, or are you dragging the weight of an old one behind you? The way ahead has no use for whatever baggage may still be latched onto you. Your soul knows the way. This is a turning point, from carrying a burden to bearing miracles in the making. You were destined for this. Just ahead of you is space where you can drop everything and take a breath. Not yet, but soon, you can look forward to letting everything go. What a turning point in your journey that will be! You do have that to look forward to. Let things sort themselves out internally, in the meantime.

Clarify your thoughts by setting things down physically, if that helps. Sort through things in your surroundings as an exercise in sorting through threads of contention. Magnetic alignments will bring people into their truth, soon. When that happens, any scuffles will seem anti-climactic, if not downright entertaining. A turning point in dynamics can be like that. As we move closer to the foreground we have a forest scene followed by a lush green meadow. Standing alone in the middle of the meadow is a tree.

I wish I knew what kind of tree it is, but it is by itself in the middle. And finally in the foreground we have a lion, standing tall, proud and true. Right in front of the lion, cross-legged and barefoot on the ground, sits our heroine. She has a dangling necklace with a very large ruby at the end. She wears a few pieces of jewelry on her left hand and wrist. Finally, she has the infinity symbol above her head. Flowers frame the scene as we take in this idyllic picture of serenity, focus and peace. So after all that, what can this card in the Reversed position mean for us today?

And he seems to be perfectly fine with her doing so. Have you ever tried your best to fit a square peg into a round hole?

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But I gotta tell ya family, I like this interpretation SO much better. In this interpretation, our heroine is sitting in a zen-like pose. Look at her face, eyes, and chin. Nor is her attention focused on the lion behind her. Will she snap out of it and realize the danger behind her? In fact, I don't really think there's any danger for her to be aware of. Take a look at the lion.

Wordsmith. Witch. G33k. Shutterbug. Steemian.

Which is kinda funny, actually. Whether or not she realizes she has such a mighty bodyguard in the lion is besides the point. It totally combines the elements of Strength but it takes it to another whole level. This woman is centered.

Turning Point of Power | Pleiadian Tarot, Feb. 21

Her mind and heart are open to receive the blessings the Universe has in store for her. She is in fact, Strength personified. What does that mean? Well it can mean a few things. Maybe we have been victimized. And long after the actual victimization has passed, its effects continue to bear down on our psyche. Or flexible enough.

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  7. If this is true, the Strength card encourages us to make like Bullwinke and take one last look inside that magic hat. We may not find that all elusive rabbit, but what we may find instead is ourselves. And none of them are good. I know that can seem extremely pandering and in the worst case can simply seem untrue. Long, hard fought battles are not only the battles we remember but also the battles that make us grow as spirits.

    If we throw our hands up in despair at our present circumstance, we remain where we are. And if we stay there long enough we end up going backwards which only impedes our evolution and growth, and thereby impedes the rest of the Universe as well. Taking care of my own needs is overwhelming enough.

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    You know what? The Universe can do without me. Our present circumstances are specifically tailored to us for our growth. No one else can accomplish what we were sent here to Earth to do. No one else - even if they tried - could EVER fit our shoes. No one ever could walk a mile in our shoes. The entire process would seem foreign and alien to them. No, we must walk in our own shoes, in our own circumstance, and do our very best to become better people for it.

    Even if it seems all but impossible, we must try. If we refuse - free will is after all, a gift the Universe refuses to take away - then we gum up the entire process. In pure mundane circumstances, the Reversed Strength card can mean our attention to our physical health may be waning.

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    How about the dentist?